Breaker Club Slim Selvedge 33/34

Slim fit


Selvedge denim is the Marmite of the jeans world. Some love it. Others hate it.

It will never be for everyone.

The reason people don’t like it is that it takes around a good 6 months to break them in. So they don’t feel like cardboard. After a year or so, there is a point that they feel like yours. Some companies take a Selvedge jean in their factory and mechanically age it, so it’s easier for the customer to accept. This doesn’t fit too well with how we want to run our business.

Our idea around this problem was to get people to break them in. They had them for 6 months, and then returned them. We have since washed them and we are now selling them as ‘Broken In’ Jeans. 

This broken in pair is a slim fitting five pocket jean made from raw selvedge 14.5 oz denim. It's woven on a 1959 shuttle loom from Kuroki the iconic Japanese mill. 100% indigo dyed, slub selvedge that gives those little imperfections that go to make a great looking jean.

Our Fit Guide

If you wear turn-ups, buy the next size up from your normal leg length.

Not sure of your fit? Give us a call on 01239 612469


We are first jeans maker in the world to give every pair of jeans a unique HistoryTag. A unique number that allows you to sign up to the HistoryTag website and then allows you to update where you went in them and what you got up to in them. Then, if one day, those jeans end up in a second hand shop, their memories will go with them.

The idea came from staring at a pair of 100 year old jeans and wondering what their story was. Did they strike gold? What was their best day? What was their worst? Did they fall in love? Did they laugh a lot? But they were born in an era that was pre-internet so those stories will never be told.

Us humans are a funny lot. We like to know the history of things. Where they have been? What they did? Our things bookmark time and our daily lives. The HistoryTag just uses the power of the internet to log those stories so they never get forgotten.

So when its time for your jeans to get handed down or they end up in a second hand shop, their stories will go with them.

The Grand Masters of denim

Malcolm Gladwell wrote it takes 10,000 hours to become a Grand Master in chess. A Grand Master is someone who is capable of playing at the highest international level. In our town, there are people who have spent 20,000 hours, 30,000 hours, and in some cases, 40,000 hours making jeans. Their hands and eyes have been trained in the essence of making great jeans. They are the Grand Masters of denim.

You see, we had Britain’s biggest jeans factory on our doorstep. It employed 400 people out of a town of 4,000 people. And it made 35,000 pairs of jeans each week for 3-4 decades. That’s a lot of jeans. And we all know what practice makes.

In Cardigan, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t know how to make jeans. If you go to the coffee shop, they used to make jeans. If you go the pub, they used to make jeans. If you learn how to drive, the driving instructor used to make jeans.

Yes, this town knows how to make great jeans.