Once There Was Trash, Now There Is Skateboarding

When Mac Premo was asked by the World Wildlife Fund to make art out of repurposed material, he took the challenge a step further. Together with teh carpenter Don Sanford, they worked to fashion skateboards out of six-gallon buckets pulled from dumpsters. The project turned into a campaign that now gives the skateboards to kids in Los Angeles and New York. 

Knife & Saw

Back in 2010, Chris Brigham was working as a graphic designer. But more and more, he found he wanted to break out of the two-dimensional world and create things with his hands. Things that both had a purpose and were beautiful. He started building in his garage, turning it into a wood shop. A good designer is a good designer, no matter the medium. With that, Knife & Saw was born.

Keep On Pushin'

Keep On Pushin' is Ricki Bedenbaugh's love letter to skateboarding, an unguarded visual account of what it means to him. Whether you're into skateboarding or not, this short film is worth a watch.

If you like ideas, it will inspire you.