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El Bulli. (Less. But better)

After watching a lecture given by Jacques Maxim in the 1980’s, Ferran Adria decided to close his restaurant for 6 months a year. He would use the time to research and create new dishes. Today, El Bulli only opens 160 nights of year and never at lunch. The restaurant seats no more than 52 diners. The number of chefs and house staff is greater than the number of guests. It may not make for a great business, but it does make for great food.

Two million people apply each year for the 8000 odd seats. That means 1,992,000 are disappointed each year. El Bulli closes its doors for the final time at the end of next month. In 2014, it will reopen as a culinary foundation.

(Thanks to Paul Deegan for sharing after he bumped into Ferran Adria -as you do)

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