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The A-B jean print

Mar 5, 2021

From the outset we knew that we wanted the A-B print to be both functional and meaningful, so there was plenty to consider.

And much like with the fabric and the fit, we began by thinking of the human.

The two legged, two wheeled commuters, that rain or shine, turn their peddles to work each morning.

We wanted to put them and their journeys at the core of the print.

Every hard mile, every inadvertently ingested invertebrate; those climbs when we search for just one more gear and those well-earned freewheeling rewards.


So we put a call-out for you to share your commutes with us, and you didn’t disappoint.

Routes were sent in from all over the world.

From Manchester to Manhattan, Seattle to Shizuoka, Peckham to Porto, Canada to Cardiff to New Caledonia. Wow!


We then needed to find a mechanism that would allow us to include as many of the submitted routes as possible, whilst also maintaining an element of uniformity and controlled density.

The uniformity would ensure that no matter the distance or direction, each commute was just as important.

The density would allow the reflective part of the jean to really shine.

After lots of experimentation, for the chosen solution, think Scalextric track.

Using this method each curve, each straight, each extra-fancy wibbly-bit was stitched together.

Each route was traced and allotted a space within the pattern grid.

The below shows each square of the final grid. The A to B of our commutes became N and W, S and E to pinpoint their positions on the globe.



These sections were then snapped together, like links in a chain, to create the seamless world-spanning commute that forms the basis of the A-B pattern.

One planet. One commute.


The pattern was then tailored for each use.

Bold and bright for A-B 1, eclectic, all-over and absolutely unmissable for A-B 2.

Not wanting to stop the journey there, the routes rode on to individual back patches, a custom pocket bag and a commute-refuelling musette. The assets were ready, the palette was prepped, the print was all set.

The next step was the big one, it was time to apply the print to the jean, and that was best left in the hands of Sara and Grand Master Claudio. Over to the experts… 

For those of you that submitted a route, we hope you can spot yours. If not, do get in touch and we’ll help find it. Thank you again.

Keep grinding.


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