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Artist Series - Justyna Stasik - Inspiration

May 28, 2021

What was the initial inspiration for this design?

I was mostly inspired by the Hiut denim itself. By the fabric, the hardware but most of all the thread. I knew from the beginning I wanted to focus on the thread.

Where did the colour palette come from?

The cream/lilac or how I like to think of it: greek yogurt/blueberries combination is a long time favourite of mine so it felt right to finally use it. The rust came from the natural dyes palette we worked with, the earthy, warm tone of it felt like a good fit.

We love the embroidery detail, where did the design for this come from?

I wanted to create something that feels soft and flows organically. This is what I always try to achieve. In this particular project, the inspiration for the embroidered lines came from the Welsh nature, the wind and the rivers.

 Have you ever done a collaboration like this before?


What were the challenges?

I guess the technical limitations of what was possible to achieve, but since the limitations can actually be very inspiring, I didn’t really see it as big challenge. Especially since the team did everything to make my ideas possible.

How did you adapt your design to be on a physical product rather than in your form of working?

I had to remember to keep the lines simple and clean since not every small loop and squiggle was manageable enough for the free hand machine embroidery. It was also a bit different to focus on the abstract line-work exclusively since my illustrations are usually more figurative.

What did you enjoy?

I really enjoyed seeing the samples of the embroidery when we were refining the designs. Imagining how the final pair of jeans will look like truly was a thrill. 

How would you style your artist series Hiut jeans?

I would pair them up with the cropped top from ARQ in Pierrot, it’s a fun checkered pattern - honey and rust. Or an oversized hoodie, you can never go wrong with an oversized hoodie. I would probably steal one from my husband, he hates when I do it. And as a final touch: low, beige Vans Old Skool.


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