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The Hiut check up - Factory floor

Apr 19, 2021

From pressing the back pockets. To overlocking the placket. Sewing the inside leg. To turning the hem. Each process is a craft. 

It took us two weeks. A large spread sheet and a notebook later and here we are with 78 complete Hiut jeans.

Having now been down there for two weeks and a clear understanding of the craft, the energy and passion that goes into making a pair of Hiuts - WOW.

We really do make the best jeans.

So thank you for letting us in on each process. Showing us the trusty post-it pocket placement guides. Educating us on the different machines.  On what you love. What you hate. And how you take your coffee.

Teams win.

Thank you Connor, Natalie, Hannah, Cerys, Sandra, Tracy, Jean, Heulwen, Gill, Amanda, Elin, Luke and Matt. 

Now, we begin the reviewing process. Always be learning. 



Here's a video of Grandmasters Amanda, Elin and Gill at the final stages. Quality check and signing of the jean.


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