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The Hiut Health Check

Apr 19, 2021

 We make jeans. Nothing else.

We know we make the best jeans we can. That's what we do every working day. Focus on one thing. 

So I wanted to make sure the focus was still in the product. Like a health check up for the jeans. A back to basics exercise. Even the best can be better.

Checking in on each single piece that makes up the jean. To see if they were still OK. If they were still the right shape. The right length. If the notches needed to be moved. Did we need to adapt anything?

How did the Grandmasters find sewing each single process?

There's 75 processes. 18 pieces per jean. That's 1404 denim pieces to be sewn together to make 78 pairs of back to basics Hiut Denim jeans.

Claudio, Rob and Tom had cut each pattern. Thank you. Now it was time to get them ready for the factory floor.

Always be learning.


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