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Creative Rebels in Art

Jan 6, 2021

Next up in our ‘Creative Rebels’ series, featuring those people that inspire us by pushing the boundaries of culture through their craft, is the ever-mesmerising world of art.

Bruce Nauman

“I never saw being an artist as something that’s pure and separate from how you live the rest of your life”


Often referred to as the artist’s artist, Bruce Nauman has created masterpieces in nearly every medium. And with every turn has pushed the limits of what art can - and should - do.

A divisive figure, his work is often a test of how much we can endure. When trapped in the mind of Bruce Nauman, there is little escape. What once felt normal, is made to feel trivial as we are made to enter a new world. To lean away from normal in the truest sense. 

It would be hard to find an artist, perhaps aside from Warhol, whose work has had such an impact - both visually and viscerally - on the cultural landscape. Over half a century, his fascinations and obsessions have done nothing less than create an entirely new language for visual arts. 



Shantell Martin

“When you work live, you have no time to be anyone else.”

Shantell Martin draws on everything. Canvas. Walls. Cars. Aeroplanes. Pianos. Shirts. Shoes. Literally, everything and anything. Originally told she wasn’t good enough for art school, she ran away to Japan and began a journey into discovering ‘...what it would take so that every time I draw a line it is recognisably mine’.

Well, she’s now recognised globally for her stream-of-consciousness monochrome drawings. 99% of her work is done live and with very little planning. It is more than an object of admiration, it’s an inquiry into the role of artist and viewer, together. 



Andy Leek

“Positivity stands out. And that’s madness."

When a period of ill mental health put a rather brutal end to Andy Leek’s career in advertising, he picked himself up by working on raising other’s spirits. As an antidote to advertising and the pressure on society to earn more, buy more, he set about spreading positivity through his #NotesToStrangers, left randomly across London. His work continues to raise smiles in a world so often overcast with negative news.


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Here's to the interesting ones! 

We make jeans for some of the most creative people in the world. That’s not by accident. That’s because we believe in the power of ideas. When you do interesting things, interesting things happen. We’re an ideas company that happens to make jeans.

But ideas need ideas. Ideas feed on ideas.

Our Creative Rebels series features some of those we turn to for inspiration, in the hope their ideas may be fuel for your 'interesting' too. 

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