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Creative Rebels in Fashion

Jan 6, 2021

Next up in our ‘Creative Rebels’ series, featuring those that inspire us by pushing the boundaries of culture through their craft, are three figures from the world of fashion whose creativity has gained them each a cult-like global following. 


Rei Kawakubo

"When things are too easy, you don’t think and you don’t make progress."



It would be wrong to call the Japanese founder of Comme des Garçons and Dover Street Market, Rei Kawakubo, a fashion designer. It would be truer to read her work as art . Infact, she no longer makes clothes. But she remains the undisputed queen of fashion, and the most iconic figure in its ranks. 

High-concept, visionary and radical, her avant-garde work stretching over more than five decades, previously described as ‘experiments in in-betweenness’, has challenged conventional notions of fashion, beauty and good taste. She is considered to have liberated high fashion from vanity, invented black as the colour of the urban creative, and is seen by many as a feminist icon.  

Endlessly curious, her world is as much performance art as it is fashion, marked by intensely thought provoking catwalk shows. It has changed the way we think about fashion, and the way in which fashion and thought can coexist in culture and commerce. Her boundary defying work continues to inspire each new generation of fashion designers. 



Lev Tanju

"We’re not trying to be anything we’re not. Everything we put out is just stuff we want to do, that’s it."


Lev Tanju would laugh if you called him a fashion designer. He only started British skate brand Palace so that he could earn enough to pay his mates to go skate all day. But from its humble beginnings in a London squat (nicknamed ‘The Palace’), his label has erupted into one of the biggest streetwear brands in the world, defining the dress code for urban men since 2010.

Lev continues to break new ground, taking the brand beyond the world of skateboarding through and endless stream of collaborations in the world of celebrity, music, art and sport. What began as a brand for skateboarders, is now a brand for all.



Virgil Abloh

“When creativity melds together with global issues, I believe you can bring the world together."

The artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Abloh is the first American of African descent to be artistic director of the French Luxury Fashion House.

He was born just outside of Chicago where his seamstress mother taught him all the tricks of the trade from a young age.

After interning at Fendi with Kanye West, the two formed a close bond and Abloh has worked closely with West on many projects.

He founded his Milan based Fashion house Off-White in 2013 and has been pushing the boundaries on fashion and how it is perceived across the breadth of his career.


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Here's to the interesting ones! 

We make jeans for some of the most creative people in the world. That’s not by accident. That’s because we believe in the power of ideas. When you do interesting things, interesting things happen. We’re an ideas company that happens to make jeans.

But ideas need ideas. Ideas feed on ideas.

Our Creative Rebels series features some of those we turn to for inspiration, in the hope their ideas may be fuel for your 'interesting' too. 

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