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Artist Series - Daniel Savage - Inspiration

Apr 24, 2021

Where did the print idea stem from?

Reading about the history of Hiut and the sustainable fabrics you use led me to thinking about nature in general. I happened to take a trip to the botanical gardens here in LA that same week. I knew I wanted to try to incorporate animation somehow, so the idea of a pattern made out of growing plants jumped out. 

We love the colour palette that you have used, what inspired this?

It was really inspired by the brown/khaki color of the fabric. There’s just something about brown and purple that feels great.

Have you ever done a collaboration like this before? 

I’ve done collaborations with brands, but never something wearable, so this is very exciting. Hope to do more!

What were the challenges?

Trying to figure out how to hide an animation in the pattern while also creating a compelling static image on its own was tricky.  

What did you enjoy?

The whole process was very enjoyable, but the best part was receiving the printed fabric in the mail and scanning it in to make the final animation. It was a relief that it actually worked, haha. 

How did you adapt your design to be on a physical product rather than digitally?

It was like making an animation explode onto the product. Then to get the final surprise of seeing an animated print you have to make it digital again, so I guess it needed to adapt to both. 

How would you style your artist series Hiut jeans?

I’d let my wife dress me. 

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