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Day 23- The Denim Booklet

Jun 23, 2020

You don’t get into to denim unless you’re serious.

You don't get into raw denim unless you're really serious

And when you invest in a pair of Hiut's, you are investing in denim and the idea of quality.

Of masterful making. 

Not everyone understands that.

In a world that seems obsessed by quantity rather than quality, we know where we stand.

We will always make the best jeans that we can, rather than the most jeans that we can.

This booklet is a reminder of that. 

It is a guide to the devoted followers of denim. 

A little nod to those who understand that it's not just a pair of jeans. It's a way of life. 



Pre-order your copy of Yearbook 5 here.

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