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Day 3 - Pocket Plasters

Jun 15, 2020

Every jeans company makes a jean with a pocket card.

Most of them don’t know why.

So why is it there?

It’s there because it always has been. It’s there because it helps constitute what a classic 5-pocket western jean is. It’s there because it’s part of what makes jeans a design classic.

We get all that. But at Hiut we love design that serves a purpose as well as looks great.

As it happens, we use pocket cards for size and style information, so yes, it has a purpose.

But that’s only really useful to us in the factory. As a customer, you throw it away within a few minutes… not great design.

So we kept asking, “Can it be better?

So along with adding images captured by Andrew Paynter, we’ve turned our pocket card into a No Wash Club, 6 month reminder.

Our job at Hiut Denim Co. is to make a great jean, but also to have ideas.

We won’t ever forget that.



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