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Day 31 - Return Tag.

Jul 1, 2020

Wardrobing, that is, buying an item online, wearing it once and then returning it is a common problem for most brands.

We’re no different.

On occasions we've found little clues in the pockets of a returned pair of Hiuts which hint at a good night out.

Receipts from the local Italian restaurant.

A splash of beer from nudging your way through the bustling crowds to get back to your table.

Now. Don’t get us wrong. We want you to wear your Hiuts on a big night out.

If you ask us, nothing completes the look more than a pair of our classic denims.

But. We don’t want you to send them back to us afterwards.

So we're adding a little reminder to our jeans to not to wear them out if you aren’t planning on putting them back in your wardrobe.



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