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Day 47 - Hiut ‽ropaganda Dept

Jul 17, 2020
Not everyone ‘likes’ what we put out on our social channels.
Some folks believe a jeans brand hasn’t any business talking about ‘purpose’ or the environment — they see it as propaganda.
We love that.
So, we opened a department so we can do more of it.
The Hiut ‽ropaganda Dept. is more offline than online.
A space where we can explore ideas and subjects which don't always work well within the confines of a 3" square.
A space where we can have a relationship with our community which isn't controlled by algorithms or Facebook.
If that sounds interesting, we'll be starting a mailing soon.
Watch this space.
(Thanks to Michael Johnson of johnsonbanks for the in[terrobang]spiration.)
Pre-order year book 5 here.

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