Day 6 - Roam Research

Always be testing. 

Always be learning. 

Roam. A note taking tool.

Super simple and easy. No need to file. 

Interlinks your knowledge. 

Enables you to create more.

BETA testing the Roam Research Note Taking Tool has been a gamechanger. 

This week, it's been all about learning the hotkeys to get the most out of roam.

I've not done any coding before, and I'm sold.

Shortcuts to smart notes. It means I've got more time to do more.

To be creative. Knowing my notes are all organised without needing to have filed anything! 

There's so much you can do on Roam. Add images. Add highlighted notes. Attributes, metadata. Articles - it's endless. And simple. 

I've not got to it yet, but you can also turn your roam into a newsletter - will let you know how that goes!



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Posted on June 15, 2020

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