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Day 68 - Kill The Ego

Aug 9, 2020

When you take a good hard look at a bike chain, you see that no link is more important than any other.

In a way, it is the ultimate team.

All dependent on each other.

All equal.

The ego put to one side.

That is what needs to happen for a team to win.

The team has to come first.

Indeed, the rarest team to form is the selfless team.

It is also the most potent.

When a team comes together and decides that all that matters is the central purpose, and every action, every breath, every thought goes to make that happen, and everyone is aligned, then that team can achieve the impossible.

It can beat the odds.

It can punch way above its weight.

Because egos have had to leave the team for the team to be able to play at its absolute maximum.

Who knew?

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