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Day 7 - No Wash Club Guide

Jun 15, 2020

We encourage all our customers not to wash their Hiuts for at least 6 months.

The longer you can leave a new pair of jeans without washing them, the more beautiful a pair of jeans you will have at the end of it. They will also be unique to you.

Each crease will have been made by your own individual way of sitting, walking, even which pocket you put your phone in etc.

They will be made by us, but shaped by you.

But there is another cool by-product of the No Wash Club: It saves lots of valuable, clean drinking water.

As a company, we know we have a silent shareholder called Planet Earth. Yes, we can make our products in the lowest impact way that we know how. But for jeans, the biggest impact comes from us all washing them.

But we realised we don’t give our customers enough information when it finally comes to wash day.

So we're putting together a Wash Guide.

Remember: The enemy is indeed the washing machine.

Here’s to the non-washers.



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