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History Remembers The Crazy Ones

Jan 11, 2021

The Hikone Screen. 
A visual example of the Kabukimono's appearance from the 17th Century.

How the Kabukimono Shaped the Mavericks of Japan! 

Creative rebels have been with us throughout the pages of history.

From the days etching on to cave walls to the present day.

There have always been those fighting against the norm in the name of creativity. 

The Kabukimono from 16th century Japan are a great example of this. 

A Quick History Lesson 

Back long ago in the warring state of Japan (think 1600’s), the noble warriors of the Samurai class focused on one thing only. 
Protecting their honour.

But there were another group of young men who led a very different life. These men were called the Kabukimono.

Young men on the fringes of the Samurai class, these groups of flamboyant rogues were noted for their wild behaviour - often singing, dancing and even wrestling in the street - and for wearing loud, gaudy kimonos and violating fashion norms.

We can’t say they were entirely savoury.

You could say they were the 16th-century Japanese version of mavericks. Their unusual lifestyle and unique style was a symbol of creativity and rebellion.

The theatrical form Kabuki, an art that combines dance and drama., has its origins with the Kabukimono, and they’re believed to mark the birth of fashion in Japanese culture.

With one of the longest measurable histories in the world, the country has a rich past formed of many different groups of people. Each of which highlights something remarkable.


The term "kabukimono" is often translated into English as "strange things'', or "the crazy ones".  And the word itself is derived from kabuku, meaning "one who leans away from normal.”

That, we can relate to. 

We choose interesting over easy every day. 


Here's to the crazy ones! 

We make jeans for some of the most creative people in the world. That’s not by accident. That’s because we believe in the power of ideas. When you do interesting things, interesting things happen. We’re an ideas company that happens to make jeans.

But ideas need ideas. Ideas feed on ideas.

Our Creative Rebels series features some of those we turn to for inspiration, in the hope their ideas may be fuel for your 'interesting' too. 

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