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Japanese Recycled Denim Short Run. 12 Pairs Only.

Aug 25, 2021
Today we are launching a super rare jean. One that not only looks incredible but is a real green denim in this blue world. 

What a Waste. 

Every year, the UK alone produces 206 tonnes of textile waste. Almost the same weight as a blue whale. That's every single year. Crikey.

As a jeans maker, we know that we are part of the problem. And we can’t just sit there and watch. Even though we are tiny, we can influence the bigger brands.

We can be a splinter in the giant's foot.

So, we have to be in the hungry pursuit to find ways to lower our impact on the planet.

It is why we offer free repairs for life even though our accountant says it doesn’t make sense. A spreadsheet is not designed to see the true cost of something, but there is one for sure. (That’s a rant for another day.)

And, in case we should ever forget the mission, the factory wall is there to remind us of why we are here: 'How can we be lower impact today than yesterday?'. 

This is where Mottainai comes in. 

What is Mottainai?

A Japanese word meaning 'what a waste', this one word has become the foundation of an entire movement. A movement that has been recently revived from the Japanese Edo period. It looks to change the way the modern textile industry is run. 

The foundation of that movement is a simple one: reduce, re-use, recycle. It centres on respect and the idea that objects that are wasted have yet to reach their potential.

love this. 

Recycled Denim. 

The Kurabo denim mill in Japan are big believers in Mottainai, so much so that they have started to create re-cycled denim in their own factory.

They collect the denim waste from their mill and partners, they re-spin the wastage to make new yarn in their factory and re-dye it and the end result is something pretty special. 

A 12.5oz light indigo selvedge denim made from 30% recycled denim. 

The reason it is 30% is because at the moment, that is the highest amount of recycled denim which can be used when making a new fabric and still maintain a durable, high quality.

This means the life span of the jean will be longer and they will be kept away from the blue-whale-sized landfill pile.  

This is such a rare fabric we were only able to get our hands on enough to make 12 pairs, so best be quick if you want to grab a pair. 

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