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Mother knows best - Duke Stump

Jun 28, 2021

I’d like to ask a simple favour. For a moment, let’s quiet our cleverness.

Let’s pretend everything is a white canvas and we are going to think anew with virgin thoughts for the brief time it takes to read this piece.

So let’s start with a simple inquiry. Why the obsession with balance and happiness? Why is that the Holy Grail? Now let’s ask ourselves another simple inquiry.
Why has nature thrived for 3.8+ billion years?


Why has nature flourished for SO long and what can we learn from the life’s principles or patterns of nature that can help inform our own behaviour? Here’s a hint.

Nature thrives because it embraces chaos, disruption and change. Yup. Nature loves all the things we generally detest. Nature thrives because it adapts to changing conditions, evolves to survive, integrates the unexpected and is locally attuned and responsive. Put another way, nature thrives because it nurtures the order of chaos and change.

Now take a moment to reflect on people, business and culture that thrive. The crazy ones flourish because they hug change. Just look at the Beatles.

A wise friend once told me that we should seek to make ourselves uncomfortable because it is one of the few times we know we are growing. I’d also add that the burning question should shift from what makes you happy to what makes you feel alive?

Google balance and happiness and you’ll find 56,000,000+ query results.
Walk outside and connect with nature and you’ll get 3.8+ billion years of wisdom. I’ll take the latter. Nature as a mentor, amen.

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