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Obsession Starts Young

Jun 14, 2021

Want to spot the next Steve Jobs?

The next James Dyson?
The next Jonathan Ive?
The next Radiohead?
The next Ayrton Senna?
The next Tim Berners-Lee?
The next Bill Shankly?
The next Henry Ford?
The next Bill Bernbach?
The next Buckminster Fuller?
The next Alexander Bell?
The next Thomas Edison?
The next Benjamin Franklin?
The next Leonardo Da Vinci?

Well, look no further than the hobbies of our children. Obsessions are a good sign of drive, determination and single-mindedness.

And, as surely as summer follows spring, that energy, that focus, that sheer grit will one day be pushing our world forward another notch.

Obsession is good.

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