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The A-B Jean

Mar 3, 2021

What you need to know about our new A-B jean. 


For the A-B jean, we tested 6 different fabrics in total. 
They were either too heavy. Not enough stretch. Too much stretch. Or not the right weave - we are very particular in what we use. 
Candiani helped us find the perfect fabric. With just the right amount stretch and the perfect weight.
92% cotton, 6% Elasterell 2% Elastane.
We've also added Polygiene Stay Fresh and Odor Crunch technology onto the jean - more information on this here. 


A slim tapered leg (slightly wider than our core SlimR.). Wide enough for a large turn up to utilise the reflective print, but not too wide to get caught.
The back rise has been raised and pulled in for true coverage and to minimise gaping when going from A-B.


We tested the A-B jean. On our bikes. Oh boy did we test it.
From the factory to Poppit beach and back (7.2 miles - the average commute distance). Through the wildlife park. On our turbo trainers. Daily wear in the factory. 
Here's a photo from our first test. A good start - a flat tyre for Tom, a lone cycle for me.
From testing we learnt alot and adapted the fit. We also changed the sewing construction of the jean for reinforcement at stress placements.
P.s. - We are testing the women's fit, and hoping to launch soon. And maybe a black version later on in the year.

Geeky bits

A tech pod pocket.
We've adapted the classic coin pocket, to be more secure, with an internal pleat (in simple - like a pillow case construction). You can carry your airpods securely whilst commuting.
Extra belt loop. At the back.
Zip. It has a zip fly. We haven't offered a zip fly on our mens styles since the Tech jean. This is a reason to buy it in itself some may say.
Musette bag. The jean will be delivered in a musette bag. A cross body bag designed for cyclists. 
Be seen.
We wanted to make sure that the print was visible enough for those after work commute home. And this was definite a success.
So. We decided to offer two versions.
A-B 1 has the reflection on the inside back leg panel. Turn up the jean when commuting and be seen.
A-B 2 is for the few, not the many. This is a statement. An all over reflective print. You will not be missed if the light shines on you, most definitely not. 
More on the concept of the print to come. The details matter.
The print is done in house by Grandmaster Claudio on the heat press.

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