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What if the likes didn’t matter?

Sep 21, 2021

This month we launched a podcast/YouTube project.

It is neither a podcast nor a YouTube thingy.

It is called the ‘Do One Thing Well’ project.

Because what it really is a research project.

The first one was a deep dive into Pangaia.

For me, one of the most interesting mission driven collectives out there right now.

It did well.

It got trending on Apple podcasts.

Yeah, the sound could have been better.

We could have ruffled our scripts a little less.

We could have done a rehearsal. Or, even, two.

But the podcast/YouTube is just a by-product of its main aim.

The aim is for us as a team to study the component parts that add up for a company or a person to ‘Do One Thing Well.’

And when you begin to study those remarkable brands, those inspirational people, you learn what it takes.

It is never just one thing, but many things.

And that rubs off on the team.

We did it for the learning, not the likes.

The likes will not make us better.

The likes will ebb and flow.

The likes will not ensure that we stick at it.

But, the learning will.

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