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What Makes You Tick?

Jul 12, 2021

To understand why we are all so complex,
you need to understand your basic human needs.

1 Certainty
2 Uncertainty
3 Significance
4 Love and Connection 5 Growth
6 Contribution

All of us have two needs that dominate above others. It’s hard to do the bravest work you have ever done, if part of you dies when that work is criticised by the outer world. The true creative builds an unshakeable belief in their ideas and doesn’t seek validation from others. That’s easier said than done. But, not caring about what others think will lead to doing your best work.

We all have the same needs. But we don’t value them equally.

Tony Robbins.

80% of every decision is psychology. It is confidence, mindset, optimism and not knowledge. And 20% is mechanics. Knowing how to do something.

Our subconscious mind merely follows instruction that our conscious mind tells it. Think of it as soil. We can choose to plant good seeds or bad seeds. Whatever we sow, we will reap. If we keep telling ourselves that we are not good enough, not connected enough, not lucky enough, so it will be. If we tell ourselves that I have the ability to solve difficult problems, that I can put connections together that no one else can, that people want to help me, they want me to win, then so it will be too.

As a man thinketh, so he does.

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