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Workshop Wisdom - James Victore

May 26, 2021
How would you describe your work?

I teach creativity and creative thinking to adults who have forgotten how to play.

How would you describe your workshop or working space?

That would be nice. I do not really have one these days. 

Do you prefer to create in your workshop or out in the world?

I work out in the world, coffee shops, my tiny porch, the gym, diners… I am writing this in my truck (no, I am not driving…).

What is your favourite tool to use?

No matter what my work looks like, it is always based on ideas, they are my medium. What it looks like is the teaspoon of sugar to make the idea palatable.

Who has been your biggest influence?

My children are my gurus. They teach me patience and to be calm… not that they are, but that I have to be. They also teach me, repeatedly, how to say, “Hey! LOOK at me!” This is an important tool for creatives who need to show their work and get paid.

What themes, inspirations or concepts drift into your work?

Really whatever difficulty or greatness I happen to be going through in my own life at the time. Pain and joy are universal. If I am going through these things, perhaps I can help others find their way to the other side of them as well.

Do you have any rules or rituals when working? 

Unless I am with my children, it is just to keep working. 

Do you have a motto?

‘Focus on me’ seems to be the ‘focus’ these days. I am crossing through my own patch of hell and need to keep pushing forward. Focusing on me seems to help.


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