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Workshop Wisdom - Maggie Cross

Nov 18, 2020

How would you describe your work?

Simple, smiley and sustainable (-:

How would you describe your workshop?

It’s a cute home-studio in my rented house. I’ve got my jeweller's bench and all the tools against one wall and I’ve recently set up a packing table by the window. I’ve got some of my favourite prints in there and plenty of plants. I’m a little bit in love with pastel folding storage crates so there are quite a few of them as well as some decorative candles which won’t get lit!

What is a usual day in the workshop like for you?

I’ll often walk straight from the school run to the post office and get a coffee and some toast on when I’m home. Then I’ll reply to emails and spend too long writing a pretty to-do list. This is when I’ll usually post on Instagram as well. At the moment I’m spending the best part of the rest of the day working on custom orders which is super fun and exciting! I’m studying to become an acupuncturist so I try to fit in some studying for that too!

What is your favourite tool to use?

It’s probably my jeweller's saw. I got it at a fresher’s fair at uni which was quite a while ago now! I love bringing the happy charms to life and I wouldn’t be able to do it without my little saw! Each charm has its own cheeky smile. 


Who has been your biggest influence?

An obvious one would be Henri Matisse’s cut-outs. Who doesn’t love ‘em?! I sell a Matisse necklace so he’s got to be up there. My customers definitely influence me as some bespoke pieces are like a mini collaboration. I have to make sure they’re happy but that the jewellery also reflects my own style and design work. I need to monitor my time on it but Instagram has been lush for discovering like minded brands and even making new friends! I’m so excited to be releasing a collection of charm necklaces with illustrator Bobbi Rae aka Bearcubs this Friday! She put pen to paper to come up with the little characters and I brought them to life in metal. 


What themes, inspirations or concepts drift into your work?

It’s important to me that my jewellery is minimal without being boring! I want the playful pieces to bring a smile to the wearer and for them to be worn everyday. What’s the point in saving something for best when you could enjoy it all the time? Sustainability is very important to me and a work in progress. 


Do you have a motto?

Go with the flow! I’m rubbish at this and dream of being more flexible someday soon.


Do you have any rules or rituals when working?

  • I always try to do a bit of meditation and exercise in the morning, before I start work. I love apps Headspace and Shreddy as I like to track progress and tick things off. 
  • No coffee after 5pm and no red wine before then! 
  • I try to break up the day with some fresh air - I pop to local beach Patch or if it’s raining it might just be a stomp around town.
  • I have to have music on all the time. This week I’ve been alternating between Róisín Murphy’s new album and Aldous Harding depending on my mood and the time of day.  


How have you styled your Hiuts?

Here I’m wearing my Eira jeans with a Paloma Wool jumper, wooly Toast socks, my beloved platform Birkis and signature silver hoops! 

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