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Workshop Wisdom - Sophie Sellu

Nov 18, 2020

How would you describe your work?

I make functional objects, from reclaimed and sustainably sourced timber.


How would you describe your workshop?

My workshop is quite messy! Its a treasure trove of half finished work and objects I’ve made and collected over the years, as well as some really special pieces of timber I’ve been saving. I have lots of natural light with tools and work hanging from the walls. Its quite a small space but I’ve made it work.


What is a usual day in the workshop like for you?

My day always starts with coffee and a quick walk with my Whippet Stanley. I try and do a little admin before heading into my home workshop to begin carving. I usually have lots of different items on the go as I can get easily distracted. We tend to go for a long walk at lunchtime and I visit my favourite coffee shop on the way home. I tend to work quite late, as its hard to switch off when your workspace is at home but I really do love woking so I don’t mind at all. My work is only available to buy every 1/2 months so I usually have a cycle of making, photographing and dispatching. When I am sourcing timber I head down to a family managed woodland in Kent where they have wind fallen and trees that have had to be taken down because they are dangerous. I also work primarily with offcuts from other woodworkers so visit other workshops whenever I can.


What is your favourite tool to use?

My go to too is my Mora 106 carving knife


Who has been your biggest influence?

I imagine this sounds really cliche but my parents have always worked so hard and I’m glad their work ethic has rubbed off on me! They have always been very supportive in my work.


What themes, inspirations or concepts drift into your work?

In every item I make there will be elements of texture, cut outs, free form shape and functionality.


Do you have a motto?

I never make anything I wouldn’t have in my home. Do you have any rules or rituals when working? I always light a candle or burn my favourite incense papers while working. I have a podcast or audiobook on in the background so I have a story to follow along too so my mind doesn’t wander while I’m working. If I’m struggling to design or make a piece I leave it and come back to it at a later date. I always find that I like the process much more when Ive had a little time to think it over and revisit it with fresh eyes.


How have you styled your Hiuts?

Turned up, usually with a high neck long sleeved t-shirt, thick socks and my favourite trainers.

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