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Yearbook Two - A Quiet rage - Joel Bukiewicz

Sep 1, 2021

There’s a quiet rage in the craftsman who spends an extra hour, an extra day, pushing his work toward perfection.

The swollen knuckles, the missing fingertips and cracked skin.

There’s a rage behind doing it right.

A rage against profit, and scaling; against outsourcing, and wholesaling, and cheaper and more.

A rage against the sacrifice it demands, and the ease with which it might slip away.

There’s a rage in saying I don’t want your money, what I want is to do it right.

It’s a rage against mediocrity, and all the garbage touted as design that stuffs our world.

I used to think that making as perfect a thing as I’ve got it in me to make filled me up.

But the truth is I’m overfull. When I finish a piece that’s more perfect than perfect, it’s an unbuckling, a pouring out.

The rage is all and I’m King Kong on the loose, rampaging neighbourhoods.

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