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You are not a to do list. You are a person

Jun 10, 2021

A person with horrible time management issues, well maybe, if you are anything like me.

I used to get to the end of the week and ask: Where did the week go?

We have all been there. The trick is to get strategic about your time, so you do not stay there.

There is a place where you make the biggest impact. Work out where that is. And go there.

Spend your days there.

Say no to anything that takes you out of there.

You don’t have to work longer when you spend longer here.

This is where 80% of the results come from. Just spend 80% of your time there.

Instead, most people take one look at their inbox and that becomes the days new to do list.

To be strategic with your time means to cancel out the noise.

Ignore what is urgent and stick to the plan.

This doesn’t have to be complicated.

It can be a simple post-it note with the three things you have to get done that day. And your day is not done until you have completed them.

Three is more than enough. Three is plenty. Three is ambitious.

Then at the end of each day, you can prioritise your next day’s.

The list provides focus. Your day wants to hijack your time. The list keeps you on track.

For you to win, the list must win.
Now, this will be the uncomfortable part.

Within each day, you will have to find time to grow your capabilities.

To read blogs, to listen to podcasts.
To many, this will feel like wasting time.

Busy is a drug. Busy is a trap. Busy is mostly getting you to spend more time on the least impactful thing.

But putting time aside to invest in your specific knowledge each day, will help you stand out.

Reading is a winning strategy.

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