Owl update

Since we rigged up the owl cam a couple of weeks ago we’ve all been enjoying tuning in and watching the little barn owls grow. Owls being nocturnal we do miss a bit of activity, so this morning I was browsing the clips that the camera stores. This clip was taken at 4am last night, just as the mother comes back with a mouse. We’ve noticed that it she is only gone for about 4 minutes each time she goes out to hunt, that’s pretty quick I reckon.

I read the other day that the owlets can eat up to 15,000 mice each in a year, crazy! By the end of the night the parents have managed to build a little stockpile of mice that the owlets eat over the course of the day. It must have been raining because she looks a little dishevelled. It can’t be too long until the owlets will be ready to leave the nest as there adult feathers are starting to show, they’ve nearly doubled in size over the last two weeks.

Posted on December 05, 2011

Tagged: farm

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