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Good Morning, My Name is David Hieatt.

I want to tell you a quick story about my dad. He was an electrician in the merchant navy. Lots of ship electricians weren’t that interested in doing a good job. They could always blame shoddy work on the previous guy. But my dad was a perfectionist. And those ‘shirkers’ as used to call them, drove him nuts. So one day, he started putting his initials on every job he would do. JBH for this. JBH for that. It was a habit that he would never stop. It was his small way of telling the world, that he believed in doing something well. Even if others didn’t.

Likewise in the early days, all the engineers at apple would sign the inside of the Macintosh, even though no one could ever see it. Steve Jobs believed the engineers were artists, and therefore, all artists sign their work.

I tell you those stories because we are starting a new denim company called The Hiut Denim Company. And we want to do it well..........

(Full transcript to follow)

Posted on December 05, 2011


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