A letter to the shareholders

Here is the business plan.

It’s sensible. It’s thought through. And with the team we have put together and a little of lady luck along the way, it has a good chance of success. But, if that is all we achieve, I will be disappointed.

For me, I want to go and change this industry, not just get people to change their brand.

Let me explain. For the first couple of years, we will become known for resurrecting the jeans industry in our town, and in Britain. We will get lots of press for that. And we will all rightly be proud of that. I know, I will.It’s a nice sentiment, but I don’t know any great business that has been built on sentiment. So we will need more than just sentiment.

We will need to make a great product. And by us hiring the 'GrandMasters' with a combined knowledge of over a hundreds years in making jeans between them, I am pretty sure we will make a great jean. But that will mean we will be as good as the best. But frustratingly, no better.

For us to change the jeans business on its head, we will need to bring ideas to this industry that has not changed much in 100 years. Ideas will be our real point of difference.

I draw a simple connection between ideas and the number of people we are going to hire. The better, the braver the ideas, the more people we are going to employ. And I want to make this town thrive again.

The other parallel I draw is the better ideas we have, the more ‘our people ‘ - the creatives of the world’ - will be drawn to us. We will become their brand. Because we are one of them. We will be changing things too.

I have no idea on how to create a cool company, many people chase being the coolest and they never look that happy. For me, it’s about ideas. And how they change things. I think ideas are cool. And I think change is cool.

So, our first idea will be to introduce the first jean in the world with.......

Posted on December 05, 2011

If you like ideas, it will inspire you.