Control the things you need to. Let go of the things that don’t matter.

In my last company, our logo was in lowercase.

And I spent a lot of my time making sure it was done how I wanted.

I became logo policeman.

When the builders outside put up a sign with our logo in Capitals, I took it down.

They put it back up.

So then I broke it so they couldn’t put it back up.

I won. But the truth was it didn’t matter.

What I should have been focused on was the product and the ideas that make something stand out in a world of average.

If I saw something that was average, I should have thrown it out the window.

That’s where my vision matters.

Egos don’t matter in the pursuit of perfection. Because when you have produced something great, you will hear the laughter, and feel the pride. The tears of what it took to get there will be soon forgotten.

So this time round with Hiut Denim, I made a decision for Hiut to be in Capitals. I gave it much thought. Because I knew that is how everybody would write it, so this time round I would put my energy into the things I could control and that mattered.

So if the builders start work outside and write our name in lowercase, I will let it go. Of course, I will make them a cup of tea and make sure it’s cold, but hey, the sign can remain.

But if I see an average product, I will find the nearest window.

Posted on December 05, 2011

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