We are here to make a change.

Master your craft.

Focus. Do one thing well. Say no to everything else.

Have ideas. But have ideas that change things.

Look at ‘impossible’ like a child would.

Work with the best. That makes the ‘impossible’ less hard and more fun.

Love quality.

Love simplicity.

Love your work.

And love the town, and the planet it sits on.

When stuck, go play.

Create a space where creative people can do their best work.

Understand failing is just part of trying. No big deal.

Be a Luddite. Be a geek. The most interesting companies will find ways to merge those two things.

Trust your instincts. Always.

Respect your customer. Always. 

But push them forward.

And remember, all those small things that people say don’t matter, they matter.

Everything adds up.

A business does have a culture. It’s hard to see as its mostly invisible.

But you sure know when it’s not there.

We set this company to make jeans.

And to make a change.

Only ideas will make that happen.

The culture of this company is to have ideas.

Posted on July 02, 2012

Tagged: factory

If you like ideas, it will inspire you.