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Wanted: Online Editor.(Intern)

Our town is making jeans again.

Now we need to tell the world we are here. And why.

They need to know our story, our belief in quality. And our love for ideas and those people who have them.

We have no choice but to punch above our weight.

The competition is big. We are small.

They have a marketing dept. We have a story.

They are the status quo. We have ideas.

Nine out ten times, they should win.

But David can beat Goliath in real life as well as in fiction.

To be that one in ten, only everything will matter.

So yes, how good you are will matter.

Goliath won’t go down without a fight.

Tell me ‘why you’ in 140 characters

Email: hi@hiutdenim.co.uk

Mark Subject as Goliath Slayer.

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