Never stand still. But always stand for something.

The most important thing to get right is the fit.

So we spent a year on just two fits.

The Regular. And the Slim.

And by all accounts, it was time well spent.

Our returns rate is running at around 2%.

The industry standard is around 20%.

Whatever we have done, we have done it well.

But we can’t settle for being just good at something when there is a place called great that we would like to go to.

If we want to get our town to get 400 jobs back, we will have to go there a lot.

So the last two days we have got the 'A' team together to see how we can improve.

The ‘A’ team is made up of Claudio, Steve and Norman. (And of course, all The Grand Masters)

Between them they have nearly 200 years of know how of making you know what.

First to change was to make the coin pocket compatible to the iPhone 5. (It’s 1cm longer than the iPhone 4).

Then, we changed the pocket itself so it was smoother to get your hands in.

Then we spent some time making the internals less bulky so it’s more comfortable to wear.

Then we altered the rise by 1 cm so it feels better on your back.

Each time we made a change, Steve would alter the pattern. Then Claudio would cut a pair. Then Grand Master Elin would make them up.

And I would get to try on.

We did that for two days. And then finally everyone was happy. And we signed them off. 

Then it was over to Norm to go and change all the patterns digitally across all the sizes.

The company that keeps pushing forward is an interesting one.

That is the culture here.

That is what we stand for.

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