What if quality didn’t matter?

We wouldn’t have to find the best denim mills and persuade them, charm them, beg them to work with us.

We wouldn’t have to spend the best part of a year working on two cuts.

We wouldn’t have to do wearer trials. Each and every day of the year.

We wouldn’t have to use the best rivets in the world.

We wouldn’t have to find the best extra strong pocketing cloth that hardly anybody uses anymore.

We wouldn’t have to employ artisan jeans makers.

We wouldn’t have to cut our jeans with a man who has spent 38 years cutting jeans.

We wouldn’t have to focus on doing one thing well because we could do lots of things poorly instead.

We could all go home early. 

But quality matters, right?

It matters to you.

And it matters to us.

It’s like a bedrock of what we all believe in.

Sure, we will get things wrong from time to time.

But we will learn and we will put them right.

This company is here to be a yardstick of quality.

We will judge ourselves against that ambition.

In the words of Charles Bukowski “If you are going to try, go all the way”

Here’s to quality.

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