We can’t do many things. But we can do exceptional things.

We are a jeans maker on the Western edge of Wales.

Our town has a history of making jeans.

And we are here to make sure it also has a future of making jeans.

The way to do that is simple enough: focus.

We make jeans. And that is it.

We have lots of competition.

Some are bigger than us. Some are cheaper than us. All of them are better known than us.

But the upside for us is they are all trying to do lots of things.

And that is super hard to pull off. Some do. Most don’t.

So each day we just concentrate on making a great jean.

Saying no to brand extensions.

Saying no to making T-shirts, Jumpers and Bobble Caps.

We have figured out what we can do well.

And we figured we should spend all of our time doing that.

We are a jeans maker.

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