We are humans. So we humanise things.

My insight for the HistoryTag came from how we treat our things.  We humanise them. We put our computers to sleep. We give names to our cars. And we mourn when a pair of jeans comes to the end of its life. And, even when they do, we seldom throw them out. We are a funny lot, aren’t we?

The History Tag was born from that. We attach memories to our things. The History Tag is a pretty basic way of logging some of those memories. So if those jeans ever get handed down, or end up in a second hand shop, their stories will go with them.

It will take a while to catch on, because the memories have to be made. But in 5 years or 10 years time someone standing in a second hand denim shop will be glad we did it. 

If you like ideas, it will inspire you.