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Ask why.

Every jeans company makes a jean with a coin pocket.

Most of them don’t know why.

The coin pocket was originally designed to keep your pocket watch in.

Then when people stopped using pocket watches or fob watches, most people used it to put coins in.

Some people do use the coin pocket still, but very few people do.

So why is it there?

It’s there because it always has been. It’s there because it helps constitute what a classic 5-pocket western jean is. It’s there because it is a design classic.

I get all that. But I love design that serves a purpose as well as looks right.

So we kept asking what could it do.

It was too small to fit my iPhone. But only just.

So we re-cut the pattern to make it a little wider so it could hold an iPhone.

And then we made a sample and then tried it.

And it worked.

It had a use again.

And then we saw people using it for their phone. And that felt good.

Of course, every time Apple changes their phone, we have to make a small tweak to the pattern.

The 2013 cuts have been re-worked so they can hold the iPhone 5, which is about 1 cm longer.

Our job at the Hiut Denim Co is to make a great jean, but also to have ideas.

To push things forward.

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