Don’t rely on just being the best.

I was doing a presentation to a famous department recently. I told them all about our town, and how it used to make jeans. They got it. They took a look at the jeans, and they turned around to me and said ‘these are the best made jeans they had seen in years’.

Given they sold pretty much every denim brand you can think of, it was a nice compliment. But, a few months after that meeting, they still hadn’t bought any jeans from us. But I wasn’t surprised.

Our rivals may make an inferior quality jean compared to ours in terms of quality and craftsmanship, but they have other things going for them: They are more well-known than us, they have more history than us, they have a bigger marketing budget than us.

So for us, just being the best is not going to be enough for us to win. Yes, we have over 150 years of experience of making jeans, and we make one of the highest quality handmade jeans on the planet. And yes, our natural indigo dyed selvedge is made by Kuroki who hand dip it 10 times until the dye gets to the very core of the cotton, so they age as beautifully as a jean possibly can.

All this puts us up there with the very best. But the harsh reality is that it isn’t enough for us to win. And winning means: To get 400 people their jobs back.

That is why right from the start we knew it would come down to our ideas. We would have to come up with ideas that challenge the Status Quo of an industry that had its most innovative day back in 1886.

Our ideas will be how we build our company. Our ideas will be how we get people their jobs back.

The good news is we are based down here on the far western edge of Britain.

There are few, if any, distractions.

Coming Soon.

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