Pirates in The Sky

Sometimes having no budget can really help you.

It stops you going down a familiar path: Throw money at the problem; and expect it to go away. It rarely does. But that doesn’t stop smart people and smart companies trying it everyday.

For us at Hiut Denim Co, very few of the creative people on the planet know we exist. This is not our problem. This is our opportunity.

And the other advantage we have going for us is we have no budget to tell those good creative folk that we do indeed exist. It is an advantage because we have to think, and we have to be creative.

When you have a big budget, you can afford for half of it to go to waste. But when you have nothing, you need to make it feel like something. Otherwise your budget next time will be less than nothing. And that’s much harder.

So after a run today, it came to me that the only way David will beat Goliath is go and get some help. To gather a small army to fight the good fight.

So instead of a PR agency, we are going to build a virtual agency. We will have ‘Pirates in the Sky’. We will replace spending with thinking, we will replace big budgets with brave ideas, we will replace the tired and the conventional ways of doing this stuff with a bunch of renegades who will rewrite the rules of the game under the cover of dark.

Yup, we will get our crowd to help us tell the world we are here. And do you know what, it’s going to be fun.

The pirates have told us who they are. But we will never tell you who they are.

First mission, next week.

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