Patience isn’t cool. But what it produces is.

We live in a very fast one-click world.

Our time to screen in the morning is measured in minutes.

Our attention span shrinks with each generation.

But to do something great takes time.

Take an oak tree. It takes 50 years before you get a single acorn. Who’d invest in one of them?

Take Patagonia. Every venture capitalists wants to buy it. But none of them would have had the patience to build it. That honour fell to a self-confessed reluctant businessman.

Take Warren Buffet. Wall Street derided him for a decade because of his desire to invest in companies forever but preferably longer. But whom did they turn to when they wanted to be bailed out?

Take writers, take artists, take musicians, take inventors, take photographers, take athletes, take any person from any field you can think of, they all took a decade or more to get good at their thing. In those years, learning was put before earning. In those years patience was put before any possible shortcut.

In a busy world, we can enjoy the speed of all these new things.

But doing something of importance and meaning will always, always take time.

It’s just the way it is. And always will be.

Posted on June 05, 2013

Tagged: inspire

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