Optimism is a friend

There are no guarantees given to an entrepreneur. No guaranteed pensions at the end of their years. There may not even be a salary at the end of the month. Optimistic isn’t just a nice thing to be, it is a necessary thing to be.

When you start out on a new business, there are more people to persuade you that it’s a dumb idea than there are that it is a smart idea. Your bank will not get it. (Almost a rights of passage.) Your friends will try to put you off. Even your most loved ones will seek to persuade you against it.

And yes, you have talent on your side. You will experience on your side. You will have passion on your side. But where you are going, you will also have self-doubt.

That’s why you will need optimism to slay the 'Resistance' that self-doubt wants to put up. 'Resistance' is a big enemy but optimism has the special powers to defeat it. When your business is not working as planned, what makes you keep at it? Trust me, it’s not logic or common sense. When things are going bad, they want to wave the white flag.

But optimism fights them back. There is a power at work with optimism that goes beyond the rational and the logical.

Optimism is informed by knowledge and instinct, for sure. But there is a little bit of the unknown about optimism. It's like magic. It doesn’t provide you with hard evidence but instead it asks you to trust in a higher power. And that’s hard. It asks you to trust in your beliefs even when there is no sane reason for doing so.

To some, indeed to most people, this is too much to ask. To trust in the unknown, to trust in a gut instinct, to keep thinking things will get better when all the evidence says the opposite, is just too much to ask.It’s why entrepreneurs are freaks, loners and misfits. They have something missing that allows them to be blinkered to what the world is telling them.

They are not just risk takers, they are believers in the unproven, untested, and the unlikely and they are willing to trust in their ideas when the crowd keeps telling them they are just plain-crazy.

Sometimes optimism is their only friend.

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