My Magazine Theories

1, Subscribing to more than 10 magazines is too much. Devour the ones you have. Subscribing to more magazine means you will pay less attention to the ones you already have. Optimum number is between 4-8.

2, Pick some magazines that you wouldn’t normally pick. Random ideas don’t come from keeping the same old interests. The 80/20 law is good: 80% from what you are interested in. 20% from odd things you wouldn’t normally pick.

3, Scrapbooks are cool. Scrapbooking stuff that has interested you is important. Remember, you can’t remember everything. Just cutting something out and sticking it into a scrapbook means you are already paying attention to it. Scrapbooking will help with ideas, even it is not clear quite how just yet. Let ‘later on’ work out why this daft article will be of any use to you in the future.

4, If you subscribe to a magazine, you have to find one article each time that you want to scrapbook. If you go 3 editions without finding an article worth Scrapbooking, you should un-subscribe.

5, Always be looking for fresh new magazines. Print is alive and kicking right now. The best ones marry great design with great content. Don’t be seduced by just great design.

6, Getting a great deal on a subscription isn’t the reason to get a magazine. But great content is.

7, It’s a good idea to find different magazines from different countries. It gives you a different viewpoint.

8, Don’t always pick the ones that agree with your view of the world. Don’t pick easy. A magazines job is to inform, entertain but also to challenge you in someway too.

9, Keep on browsing. Just because you have made your magazine selection, doesn’t mean you can’t spend hours in newsagents just to confirm you have picked the right ones.

10, The measure of a great magazine is how hard it is to throw the darn thing away.

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