Guest author: Luke Sital-Singh

We are huge fans of Luke Sital-Singh here at Hiut. Here's a nice little piece he's written for us:

HIUT Denim are such a unique company they make you wish they weren't. Their uncompromisingly passionate obsession with quality, craft, longevity, creativity, simplicity, detail, the future, the ancient, the slow, the small, the local, and above all great jeans - makes you wish there were more companies like them.  

Honestly they make the best jeans out there. I bought two pairs and they very kindly sent me a third. 

The company story is as compelling as the denim, one read and you'll be sold. I've also been enjoying the historytag idea, whereby I can journal everything I'm up to. You can view my tags here 

Until now i've never been that interested in clothes but now I want everything I wear to be as good as my jeans. Which is damn near impossible

I swear these jeans make me write better songs.

Watch Luke's new video here. It's on repeat here at the factory.

If you like ideas, it will inspire you.