The age of the specialist

We live in an age where we think we can do anything.

We all have cameras but does that make us all photographers?

We all have editing software on our computers but does that make us all filmmakers?

We’ve all watched MasterChef but does that make us all cooks?

Maybe we are all just kidding ourselves.

After all the great bread makers don’t also make great brewers.

The great cheese makers don’t also make the best wine makers.

Olympic gold medal sprinters don’t make great marathon runners.

There are nuances to learn for every craft.

The small differences that take you from good at something to being an expert at something.

The difference between the two is mainly time.

That’s why we decided early on to focus on making jeans.

To stick to what we know.

To do less, but better.

We only make jeans.

The Factory Wall

The uniform for the creative man.

The next big ideas.

The next companies.

The next business models.

The makers and the shakers.

The craftsmen.

The growers.

The farmers. 

The artists.

The writers.

The musicians.

The designers.

The mavericks.

The non-conformists.

The difficult fuckers.

The people who are going to change this world of ours.

They won’t be wearing a business suit.

How to get it right.

Like coffee, like bread, like wine, if you start off with the best ingredients you are halfway there.

So yes, we source our denim from the best artisan mills from around the world.

But the other half of the ingredients come in the form of time and skill.

Today, Norman delivered the paper patterns in paper roll form.

These will be made into patterns in card form by Claudio.

The card patterns will then be used to cut our jeans.

It's not a quick process. 

That's fine by us.

'Cos we just need to get it right.

It's starting

We got the keys to the factory today.

It's like a domino effect.

The electrician can come and set it up for the machines.

Then we can put the machines in.

Then we can hire the 'Grand Masters'.

Then we can make a jean.

Sometime in September, we can hear those lovely sounds of jeans being made again.

Can't wait.

Posted on December 05, 2011

Tagged: factory

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