A Master Class Workshop

Hiut Denim


We have been asked a lot if we can do a Master Class workshop in making a pair of jeans. We are keen to share the knowledge, but at the same time, we have a factory to run. So making has taken priority over teaching. 

But we thought it would be great if once a year, we could open the factory to a day of learning. And let the GrandMasters share their knowledge. A full entire day dedicated to teaching the skills of cutting, making, fitting, repairing and selling a pair of jeans.

The GrandMasters have over 200 years worth of experience of making jeans. So they have a lot of knowledge to share. It will give you a good working knowledge of the important aspects of making jeans.

If you want to start a denim brand, work in the industry or simply love denim and just want to know how it all works, then this is for you.

It will be a small group, so if you want a seat, places will soon go. 


The Master Class Workshop:

Stephen Rowland – How to pattern cut and fit a pair of jeans?

Claudio Belotti – How to cut a pair of jeans?

Elin Evans – How to make a pair of jeans and how to run a factory?

Paul Anderson – The art of repairing a pair of jeans.

David Hieatt – How to sell your jeans?

Location: Hiut Denim, Unit 2, Parc Teifi Business Parc, Cardigan, SA43 1EW 
Price includes a mighty fine lunch up at the farm. 
Plus teas, coffees and snacks throughout the day.

Date: Friday 27th November 2015

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