Candiani Bio Stretch Short Run - SlimR

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A classic fitting five-pocket jean made with a beautiful, hardwearing, 12oz biodegradable indigo denim, made with 100% organic cotton, by the maverick Candiani Denim Mill.   

The Fabric. 

Made from a natural rubber yarn wrapped around 100% organic cotton it contains no microplastics but it is 100% biodegradable.  

That means that left in the right conditions these jeans will go back where they come from. Straight back into the earth.  

The rubber yarn means that these jeans have just the right amount of stretch. Yup. These jeans are comfortable right from the get go. Perfect for movement.

We have also used a cardboard-based vegan backpatch in place of a leather one to ensure that the jean is biodegradable.

These will become your go-to jeans when you need to be active, cycling, travel, walking – the stretch in these is perfect for it all.

The Details.

The SlimR® cut has become a big hit. We took the Slim cut and shaved 2cm off the leg. The leg opening is 16.5cm. And they look great. Apart from the fit, pretty much everything else is the same.

Each pair will come with a vegan label. 


Note: The model wears a SlimR