Candiani No Fade Selvedge Short Run - Hack@


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A slim fitting five-pocket jean made with a beautiful, 12.5 oz no-fade selvedge denim with a classic red line selvedge, made with 100% cotton, by the maverick Candiani Denim Mill.   

The Fabric. 

A light 12.5oz indigo denim that is perfect for these warmer months. Dyed in such a way that the denim will not fade. What you see on Day 1, you will see on Day 101. 

Dyed using Candiani's patented lower impact technology that uses 33% less water and 50% less chemicals than traditional dyeing methods. 

Thank you for your support. Your belief in quality makes this all work.

The Details.

Each pair will come with a limited edition Hiut Denim tote bag.

Note: The model wears a Hack@